How to Leverage Your EBooks With a Virtual Marketing Assistant

There are several ways that a small business owner can get a presence on the Internet. One way is to write articles and eBooks that are about subjects that your target market needs. In most situations a website that includes helpful information for a target market will generate many sales and people interested in other aspects of a service.

Thousands of eBooks are produced each day and most are created as free downloads to those who are in need of the information. By giving information away free it shows that an individual is an expert in their field and the target market becomes interested in other services.

When you are working in your business and understanding that you need to have a series of eBooks for sale and for free, you might ask yourself, “How can I get the time to write them?” The fact is that those thousands of eBooks are not always written by the individual business owner. Instead, they are written by a highly skilled “ghostwriter” who happens to be a Virtual Marketing Assistant (VMA).

A Virtual Marketing Assistant is a perfect person to get your eBook written and out to your target market. They can help you write it, design it and get it out on the Internet to the target market you want to reach. They will research that market for you and see which sites are best to get your eBook in front of those who need the information.

Another thing that a brilliant Virtual Marketing Assistant can do is create a marketing campaign to get your eBook read and reviewed by those who count. You can start out small by offering a free eBook and once that one is out and about you can start developing the ones for sale.

Your Virtual Marketing Assistant will help you from the inception of what you want to do to completed project. They are skilled at putting together copy for the Internet that shows your business in the best light.

You may know that what is written for the Internet is different than what you would write off line. With your marketing assistant you will not have to worry about the difference because they already know.

Some business owners may think that to hire a Virtual Marketing Assistant would be too costly for the business but there is another way to look at it. Think of this as an investment in your business. Your VMA has one goal for you and that is to help you make more money.

EBooks can help you launch your business into the mainstream of the Internet and have more clients coming back to you than you can imagine. This is a phenomenon that many people have found to be lucrative as a side business.

You can ask your VMA to create a mini-eBook that is a give away and that is used to get people to purchase other ones that you have for sale. This is yet another way to use your VMA effectively.

How a Virtual Marketing Assistant Can Help Your Social Network

Today the most important thing you can do for your business is to create a presence on the Internet. One of the ways that people have accomplished this presence is to be present in Social Networking.

Social Networking is the hottest way that people are connecting with one another to build relationships on both a personal and business level. If you are like most business people this is one of the ways that you use for marketing who you are and what you do. There are so many social networks and so many things to do that you might have a challenge finding the time to get connected.

A Virtual Marketing Assistant can be the person to help you with these things. They can help you develop your networks and then help you manage them. If you already have a network, they can help you expand it, get in touch with more people and systematically grow this aspect of your business.

If you look at the way that President-Elect Obama has created a presence on the Web so that people know who he is and what he is about, a good Virtual Marketing Assistant planned this and got his name out. This was something that was necessary in order to help him win the election.

A Virtual Marketing Assistant can help you with your social network in the following ways:

Create a Social Networking Strategy. When you first start looking at the Internet and Social Networking as a way to create your marketing, you will need a strategy. Your Virtual Marketing Assistant can help you define a systematic strategy that they will implement on the Internet for you.

Help Identify Social Networking Environments. Your Virtual Marketing Assistant can help you identify the social networking websites that are best for you and your product. They will help you align with these that can get you the most exposure for your target market.

Create And Maintain Your Profile. It is a good idea to update a profile regularly so that it remains fresh and people get to know you. A Virtual Marketing Assistant can make sure that your profile goes out to the many social networks and is updated on a regular basis. You will receive your profiles with their usernames and passwords for your records.

Create And Maintain A Blog. Although you may not know how Social Networking works with your blog, the Virtual Marketing Assistant can help you by creating and maintaining your blog. This is one way to establish your brand and to establish you as an expert in the field.

In addition, a Virtual Marketing Assistant can help you develop your marketing plan in ways that you may not have thought possible. They are less expensive than having an in house marketing team and they are skilled at what they do. They do the marketing for you so you can spend your time working on the business that you love.

A Virtual Marketing Assistant Is Key To Keeping Pace With Trends

A virtual marketing assistant is your ace in the hole as you brave the waters of Internet marketing for your business.

If you’ve ventured into online promotions strategies at all, then you know that trends can be your friend or your enemy. If you want to stay afloat, or better yet, surf the waves of Internet popularity, you have to know the most effective strategies to use, the technology to execute them and how to keep up with changes.

A virtual marketing assistant gives you a huge advantage in this effort. If you try to manage all this on your own, on top of running your own business, you will fall behind. Your website will become outdated because it fails to incorporate the hot new social media icon or misses a vital marketing opportunity. Or, maybe you’ll miss scores of traffic because you have no developed your social media sufficiently. Despite what some will say about social media, it is not entertainment for teenagers, but one the greatest marketing tools you can use — and it’s free! What could be better than that?

A virtual marketing assistant is your ace in the hole. Instead of trying to keep up with the trends yourself, you can rely on someone who is immersed in this world every day. A virtual marketing assistant must stay abreast of changing trends and technological advancements. To continue growing his or her business, it will be essential.

Here are just a few examples of things your virtual marketing assistant might be able to help with:

Social media promotion: Are you keeping up with the trends? Did you know Facebook and LinkedIn both offer advertising, much like Google ads? You can also get valuable marketing data from Facebook to track how your efforts are being received. If you think social media promotion is all about throwing a few offers and highly promotional content out onto your social sites, then you are behind the times. More and more, social media demands valuable content and regular interaction with followers to yield the best results. As a minimum, you should be using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for social media promotion — but Pinterest is a good idea, as well, and YouTube is a great option for video content.

Email marketing: There is a large variety of programs available for use. But they don’t all work the same, so you need to know what is best for your needs. Some are fairly simple to use and low in cost; others integrate with a shopping cart and have more options, but the cost is much higher. A few of these options would include 1ShoppingCart, InfusionSoft, Mailchimp, AWeber and Constant Contact.

Product sales: If you sell products online, you’ll want to know what program is best. Some of these will overlap with email marketing, and some will not. 1Shopping Cart, for example, will integrate your sales and email marketing efforts. On the other hand, you could choose a website with an ecommerce theme that can be integrated with Mailchimp at a lower cost. Once again, you have a lot of decisions to make, and they will affect your pocketbook and your marketing strategies.

A virtual marketing assistant can help you navigate unfamiliar waters in Internet marketing, so that you are not missing valuable opportunities to gain traffic and sales.

What Does a Marketing Assistant Do?

If you’re serious about a career in marketing, one of the best places to start is as a marketing assistant. A position like this puts you at the heart of marketing campaigns, at the right hand of a full-fledged marketing professional. There are few greater ways to learn the ropes and get a healthy start in this career.

What are the educational requirements?

Since there are no specific advanced education requirements to work as a marketing assistant, technically, all you really need is a high school diploma. In general though, most marketing firms will expect their new recruits to have either an associate’s or a bachelor’s degree – and having a degree will certainly give you an advantage over your competition.

Many in the marketing world focus their education on business administration, marketing or advertising; however, a degree in communications, journalism, economics, psychology, or even political science could serve you well in this field. Alternately, many aspiring marketing professionals choose instead to take shorter career-specific courses with the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

What does the job actually entail?

Essentially, a marketing assistant does just that – assist. You’ll be supporting a marketing professional in all the nitty gritty details of running a marketing campaign. The assistant will be expected to operate at all levels of the marketing machine, doing everything from communicating with clients to drafting press releases and arranging promotional events. Some common tasks include:

- Tracking ongoing campaigns and updating marketing calendars as the campaigns progress.

- Relaying messages between the marketing firm and their clients.

- Keeping track of payments, refunds and registration records.

- Entertaining clients and organizing promotional events.

- Writing or drafting articles, company newsletters, announcements, press releases, brochures and online content.

- Organizing market research for specific clients or campaigns.

Obviously, a marketing assistant really has to be a jack-of-all-trades. You’ve got to be ready to jump from one task to the next at a moment’s notice, and be able to handle anything that your marketing manager throws at you.

What’s the working environment like?

Since you’ll be working at a marketing firm, you’ll be operating out of an office setting. This doesn’t mean that you’ll be sitting at a desk all day though. In many cases, you’ll be on your feet most of the day, visiting with clients, attending trade shows, checking on photo shoots, and relaying messages.

It’s a highly dynamic job, and while hours are technically 9-5, you can expect to put in a lot of overtime – especially whenever there are big deadlines approaching. A marketing firm can be a very exciting place to work though, as everyone pulls together on each big campaign.

Of course, as the assistant, you’ll not only carry a lot of responsibility; you’ll also get a fair share of the blame when things go wrong. Some days will be fantastic and exciting, and other days you’ll be handling the drudge chores.

Don’t let this scare you off though. If you can make it as an assistant, you’re setting yourself up for a potentially great career in marketing. If you’re creative, ambitious, driven, and have plenty of energy, if you can deal with pressure, stay organized and work as a strong team player, this may just be the career for you.

A Virtual Marketing Assistant Offers Help With Strategy

A virtual marketing assistant, a virtual assistant, a business consultant, a social media marketer. Do you ever wonder what the difference is in all these terms being used today? The term virtual assistant is becoming more well-known all the time, but it can apply to a whole lot of disciplines — web design, copywriting, graphic design, social media work.

A virtual marketing assistant is a bit more specific, but you may not be clear on exactly what it means to be a virtual marketing assistant, as opposed to a more generalized VA. That’s a clarification I want to make today, because a virtual marketing assistant offers you something others VAs won’t — guidance.

Are you ready for a virtual marketing assistant?

If you’ve made it this far, most likely you’re an entrepreneur or a small business owner used to being in control. Now, it’s time to relinquish some of that control to someone else. If you want to make all your own decisions and only need a task master to implement them, that’s fine. You can hire a technical VA who carries out commands. On the other hand, if you’re ready to trust in a partner who can understand and express your vision creatively and strategically, so that you can focus on your business and your bottom line, then you want a virtual marketing assistant.

To find a virtual marketing assistant, you can look for someone who is fully specialized in that area and can provide sound marketing strategy, or you can consider hiring a multi-VA firm that offers marketing coaching as one of several services.

How a marketing VA can help you

A virtual marketing assistant can help you with a variety of things, all related to defining your goals, your direction and your timeline.

Social media: While you can hire a VA who does only social media marketing, you will find that most virtual marketing assistants offer to help you set up and maintain a blog, as well as social media platforms such as Facebook, Google-Plus, Twitter and LinkedIn. Social media is quite time-consuming, so having a VA who can help you professionally improve your company visibility is extremely helpful.

Generating leads: A virtual marketing assistant can offer you guidance in the best ways to capture leads on your website, most often from a free gift that you offer with sign-up to an email list. If you want professional consultation about what kind of product to create, how much time and energy to invest in it and how to most effectively set it up on your website, a marketing VA can offer you useful tips. These email sign-ups can then be used for newsletters, promotional emails and other marketing over time.

Online advertising: These days, there are almost too many options to track. Who has time to locate and learn the strategy behind pay-per-click advertising such as Google ads? Not to mention the Facebook and Linked In advertising that is now available. Facebook alone has a variety of advertising styles available. You can set demographics or other criteria to pinpoint your target audience, and you can choose to pay by click or by impression, or you can purchase a “sponsored story” instead of a regular ad. That’s a lot to wrap your mind around when you have a full-time job running your own business! A virtual marketing assistant can help strategize your online advertising presence.

At Springboard Designs, we understand that you have a product to sell, customers to serve, budgets to prepare and a long-term vision to fulfill. You’re no doubt quite innovative to start or manage your own business. But when it comes to implementing all those ideas strategically, you could very well end up treading water, if not sinking, under the added workload. That’s where a virtual marketing assistant can come in to work with you as a partner in meeting your marketing goals and lifting some of the burden from your shoulders.